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Getting Started

We wish we could somehow just transfer everything we know to you.  We know people who want to write, often don’t because they can’t get started. So many things you think you need to know and therefore, writers get frozen.  We want you to know that it is harder than the ‘become a writer’ services offer. If it was that easy, wouldn’t everyone do it?

Our Services are setup to be progressive.  Let’s talk about Getting Started. Contact us, we can help you get started for free.

Your Idea

  • Organizing
  • Dramatic Structure
  • Character Definitions
  • Location Setup
  • Timeline

Style, Voice and Tone

  • 1st Person vs. 3rd Person
  • Plodder vs. Discovery Style
  • Writing Mechanics
  • Word Choice
  • Formality, objectivity, intimacy

Tools & Resources

  • Writing Software
  • Formatting Tools
  • Amazon KDP
  • Books to Read
  • Webinars to Watch

The word Editing is easy to say and means a lot of things.  Editing is a process of improvement, it is not a single task in itself.  You will go through many versions of your book, if you don’t, likely you don’t yet have your best output.  Everyone wants to be done, so they go to the easier parts, the copy.  It’s not easy, but seems easier than talking about the story. Think like this, it could be perfect in Grammar, but if it is a boring story, it won’t sell. No one will like it. Do the hard stuff first. Let’s talk about Editing. Contact us, we can help you get started for free.


  • Plot Restructuring
  • Theme Definitions
  • Improve characterization
  • Assess plot
  • Timeline Continuity

Copy & Proofread

  • Tone & Style
  • In Depth Grammar
  • Punctuation / plural  & possessives
  • 1st Person / 3rd Person Usage
  • Data Integrity

Beta Readers & Feedback

  • Solicitation & Selection
  • Beta Reader Engagement
  • Feedback Forms & Follow Up
  • Filtering Feedback
  • Final Review / Error Free

Design goes beyond does it look good. There are practices called ‘paradigms’ that exist. A paradigm is a standard expectation that when met, makes is easier for your audience to see your intent. It doesn’t mean they’re perfect, but often if you don’t do what is expected, you can’t sell books. Design paradigms need to be met, then add on the flare that makes your book unique.  We can do both, basics and the flare. Let’s talk about Design. Contact us, we can help you get started for free.


  • Marketplace Specifications
  • Print vs. eBook
  • Full Cover / Front & Back
  • Image Licensing
  • Category Expectations

Interior Design

  • Font Choice
  • Scene Breaks
  • Margins and Spacing
  • Chapter Headers
  • Images, Charts & Illustrations

Production Management

  • Account Creation & Submission
  • Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Format Edits / Version Control
  • File Preparation

With Marketing there are too many choices, this is why it paralyzes you into taking no action, or trying everything and getting nothing.  There is no magic formula.  It is a custom approach, but you are still selecting from a menu of what works.  The plan is designed around what works for your type of story.  It’s important to remember you are a writer, not a marketer, so you’ll need to do something that works and doesn’t consume your time. We know what to do first, second, etc. Let’s talk about MarketingContact us, we can help you get started for free.


  • Blog
  • Email Newsletter
  • Amazon Author
  • Social Networks
  • Paid Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Analytics


  • Compliance / GDPR
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Segmentation
  • Sequencing / Automation
  • Social Integration
  • A/B Testing
  • Reader Magnets


  • Blurb & Metadata
  • Keyword Research & Selection
  • Budget & Spend
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Facebook Ads
  • Measurement & Metrics
  • Book Promo Services
  • Selling Direct from Website

Website Design & Author Pages

This is a must, but so many ways to do it.  As with most things, keep it simple, applies here.  Having an expensive website doesn’t sell books.  Having a website that meets expectations, is engaging and captures attention, sells books. These are not expensive to build if you know the do’s and don’ts.  No need to learn them yourself, we’ve built hundreds of them. Low cost, integrated content and easy to update. Keep it simple. Let’s talk about building a Website.  Contact us, we can help you get started for free.


  • Design
  • Ease of Update
  • Hosting
  • Branded Email
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Book Sites vs. Author Sites

Author Pages

  • Amazon Author
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Brand Consistency
  • Author Bio Blurb
  • Author Photos
  • Author Videos

Systems Sync

  • Blog
  • Email Newsletter
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • RSS

Audiobooks are not new, they used to be called books on tape. Wow.  What is new is the ability to easily distribute them digitally. It’s not really that new, but the market is growing. Here is why an audiobook is so important to you, it is a market that is additional to your reader market.  They are not the same customers.  You don’t find people that do both. You will only have incremental sales. Audiobooks take time, but are worth it.  You already have your book, let’s record it, done right it only drives more sales. Let’s talk about recording an Audiobook. Contact us, we can help you get started for free.


  • Strategy
  • Voice Talent
  • Vendor Selection
  • Audio Recordings
  • Feedback Review


  • Sound Editing
  • Distribution Requirements
  • Account Creation
  • Cover Image Creation
  • File Formatting


  • Exclusive or not
  • Pricing
  • Amazon / Audible
  • iTunes / Google Play
  • Everywhere Else
  • Measurements & Metrics

If you read this far you might be thinking, Where do I start? We promise after talking with us, for free, you will be excited AND know what to do next, no matter where you might be stuck. Let’s get started, setup free consultation today. Contact us, we can help you get started for free.