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How It Works

Free Consultation


You Talk / We Listen

We know writers who want to become authors have a lot on their mind. It is often difficult to switch between the creative style of your brain to the logical, tactical steps needed to publish.

Build a Plan

Not everyone needs every step. Some you can skip, some you might already know how to do and we can then do the rest.

Work The Plan


We Agree to Work Together

Depending on the depth and breadth of services, we agree to agree. Set a schedule and associated fees. Our fees are aligned with the types of services.

Writing, Editing, Feedback

We will work with you directly, 1 on 1 to get your book done. Done right too. You will be surprised at how awesome it is, and also how difficult it is. We are there to help you produce and publish your vision. e.g. Covers, editing, formating, story continuity, character development, etc.

Publish & Sell Books


Publish to the World

This includes a lot of small things and a few big things, all of them are important. Formatting your book .mobi or .epub, why and how. Organizing beta readers, managing feedback, building your website, listing your book on Amazon, Google, & Apple, etc. This includes pricing, using DRM or not, setting up author pages, newsletters, etc.

Selling Books

Using Amazon advertising, how to start, how to grow. Using Facebook to sell books, Google ads, landing pages, promotion strategy and execution, ongoing campaigns, measurement of everything, etc.

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