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Story Summary

Mark grew up doing the right thing. Guided by his religion and his overactive thoughts, the limited pharmaceuticals and social guidance, set him on a path of believing the world could be a better place. As he matured, different experiences shaped him, pushed him even more in a direction of believing his actions could make a difference. As his effort increased and his life became his; he acted upon this strong belief; the belief that it is possible to improve the world.

Mark did all the right things, followed all the right paths prescribed by the world; he joined and then lead his religious youth groups, went to school, created groups to make impacts to the cause, built friendships aligned with his values and did everything he could. The impact was small, isolated to those either involved, in need or short term effects to the local community. The speed of which the old behaviors returned was increasing and the effort to make an impact only increased, to the point of impossible.

Mark is done with the prescribed methods, he is inspired and decides to make a real difference. A difference that was a lot more public and infinitely more discreet in its methods. Mark forms a group of trusted, altruistic experts in a variety of disciplines. They take on reshaping human behavior in a small town. Mark creates his System of Values to make the behaviour change instead of wait on it.

By use of surveillance methodologies, visual, audible and the use of technology to collect personal meta-data, the team ‘reports’ on the person’s activity. It is anonymously published to the public. The interest level rises at the national level and the person is exposed, good or bad.

The System of Values doesn’t do surveillance on everyone, but enough without the knowledge
Of when or where is enough to create the change.

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